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chosen-01 SUGGESTION's - chosen-01 - 11-06-2018

1#. I suggest to the owner of the server to put an ANTI CAMPING SPAWN PLUG-INS. for both teams (Counter-terrorist & Terrorist)  45 Seconds is enough.. They keep camping to protect there points & not doing there objectives to plant & to defuse the bomb..your admin are just sitting & not giving some warnings...

2#. Talking about objective of Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist there is a also a plug in u can add 
AUTO LOSSER SLAY PLUG-IN. for the lossing teams.. 

Teams who did not make there objectives by planting and defusing the bomb will automatically slay.. Most of your players on your server are not doing there objectives to plant & to defuse the bomb! they just camping to protect there points..which is very Annoying!!  Dodgy

3#. I thought this a Classic Server? /ANEW is good but please remove GRENADE TRAILS PLUG-INS.

To the owner and Admins which doing there great jobs for having this great server & asian's community thank u and more power!  Smile

RE: chosen-01 SUGGESTION's - Admin - 11-07-2018

Thanks for your suggestion!

Accepted, grenade trail will be removed!